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Corporate Catering Services in Chennai

Corporate Catering Services in Chennai

Corporate Catering Services in Chennai: Organising a meeting for your top and esteemed corporate clients? Don’t worry, we’ll match the grandeur of the occasion with our classy, high quality food. Catering to the needs of esteemed clients has always been our long term goal and we are well equipped to handle it. Be it lunch or dinner, our array of chefs are specialised in multiple cuisines from different parts of the world. We have no doubts that our service shall delight you and your fellow corporate stakeholders. We have a variety of dinner plans for you to choose from, spread across different cuisines. We cover everything from business lunches, to custom team building programs and corporate parties.

We provide a wide variety of food which is both nutritious and hygienic on perpetration and services with the help of the latest equipment. We provide the clients with a wide variety of nutritious and tasty food many which covers Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks. We deliver healthy and pleasing food and present ourselves as pleasing and professional.

Corporate Catering Services in Chennai

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there pure vegetarian caterers for wedding in Chennai?

Yes, you will find several pure vegetarian caterers for wedding in Chennai. Inquire with them on their food menus or you can suggest a menu of your own as well.

2. Will the catering service provide servers to cater the food to guests at the wedding?

Yes, the catering service will provide servers to serve the food to guests at the wedding.

3. Will the caterers for wedding in Chennai provide the utensils as well?

Yes, they will bring all the necessary equipment, utensils, cutlery, tableware, serving spoons and dishes with them.

4. Will I have to pay the wedding caterers an advance payment?

Most wedding caterers will ask for an advance payment. The standard amount is 50% of the overall catering cost.

5. Do caterers prepare foods keeping special dietary needs in mind?

Yes, they do. Please mention the dietary needs in advance to the caterer before they prepare the food.